During the second or third week of each semester, we begin our new member recruitment. We will be speaking before your engineering classes, and hosting information sessions to let engineering students know who we are. We will also host a variety of events to further acquaint interested students with the members and ideals of Theta Tau Co-Ed Fraternity. We choose to recruit potential members independently of the greek houses on campus. This mean there is no need to register with greek life, and it is absolutely free. Simply come to any of our rush events listed on the right hand side of this page, eat food, meet people, and go home happy. There is absolutely no commitment.
Theta Tau is a National, Professional, Co-Ed, Engineering Fraternity. The purpose of Theta Tau is to develop and maintain a high standard of professional interest among its members, and to unite them in a strong bond of fraternal fellowship. In addition to the desirable attributes of a general fraternity, it offers a common bond: an interest in and pursuance of engineering in its various branches. Founded in 1904, we are the largest and oldest engineering fraternity in the nation and encompass all disciplines of engineering.
Although we strongly encourage academic achievement, Theta Tau is not an honor society. The U of A is host to two strictly honors societies for engineers. For Electrical Engineering majors, please refer to HKN (Eta Kappa Nu). For all other Engineering majors, check out TBP (Tau Beta Pi ).
What makes Theta Tau great is our development of the whole student. The area between social fraternity and honors society allows us to create an environment where students can grow academically and professionally, as well as socially. Professionalism is pinnacle, yet at the same time we look to create a social environment to develop very marketable interpersonal skills.
Rushing is an open invitation for eligible students to learn about becoming a member of Theta Tau. Rush is usually held during the first few weeks of the Fall and Spring semesters. During this time you will see signs posted saying "Rush Theta Tau." Theta Tau holds Rush events where we give out pizza, go bowling, play pool, BBQ, tailgate or other similar activities. During this time you first meet the members of Theta Tau, and they get to meet you. The purpose is to let the brothers of Theta Tau know you are interested in joining. You also learn about the fraternity and the upcoming pledge cycle, so you can make an informed decision about joining. During the two rush weeks, students are encouraged to come to as many rush events as possible. Also during rush, students should introduce themselves to the members and ask any questions they may have about Theta Tau. At the end of the rush period, the members of Theta Tau choose who will receive an invitation to continue on to the pledge process.
"Pledging" Theta Tau is a continuing promise by the student to become an active member of Theta Tau. After the rush cycle ends, Theta Tau members have a meeting, and give out bids to those people who they feel will make valuable members of the organization. If you receive a bid, be proud that the brothers have placed faith in you; although there is still much to be done before becoming a member. First, you must choose to accept the bid. All people accepting a bid will receive a pledge pin, which identifies you as a Theta Tau Pledge. The pledge period lasts for about 11 weeks. During the Pledge cycle you learn some history about the fraternity, important Theta Tau facts, and you bond with your fellow Pledge brothers and soon to be Theta Tau brothers. Throughout the pledge period, different requirements are asked of the pledges. As a pledge class you learn teamwork, professional development, and what it means to be a member of Theta Tau.
Any student of the College of Engineering (including College of Optical Sciences). The prime qualification is to be judged as a person of good character. We do have a few particular qualifications that must be met at the time of initiation (after pledging, at the end of the semester). A member must meet the following qualifications: ~ Be at least 18 years of age. ~ Must be enrolled in a program leading to an Engineering degree. (Once you are a member of Theta Tau, you are a member for life, even if you switch majors in the future) ~ Attend weekly meetings. ~ Not be members of a competing engineering fraternity. ~ Must not be within 6 months of graduation. ~ Have a GPA of at least 2.0
That's one great part of Theta Tau. We do not hire landscaping crews, cooks, house moms, etc. All of the money is OUR money for activities, homecoming, committees and more. Our dues currently are $300 which is 1/10th of the dues for most fraternities and sororities in Arizona. Please ask a member about dues during RUSH. [by the way, even though we are members for life, our we only pay dues while still undergrads]